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About Us

Zuccaro Law, LLC was founded in 2022 by John E. Zuccaro III, with the goal of providing estate planning, real estate, and other legal services in a clear, approachable, honest, and unintimidating manner. We strive to provide high quality professional legal services with a personal touch, building long lasting relationships with our clients.

Three Pillars



Courtesy. Honesty. Trust. Respect.

The foundations of any successful relationship. We treat every client with respect, get to understand their needs and goals, and work to build a high level of trust in order to provide the best service possible.  



Another core foundation of any successful relationship. 

We ensure that we keep our clients apprised on the status of their matter every step of the way, and are available to answer any questions our clients may have. 



We listen to our clients’ needs and goals, and provide them with  high quality professional legal services in a clear, approachable, honest, unintimidating manner. 

personal service

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Helping you lay the roots

for Your Next


What to Expect

Getting to Know Each Other

A lot of what we do requires us to have difficult conversations, and sometimes take a deep dive into a client's life - financially, personally, and medically. This means that our clients need to not only trust that we know the law, but also be able to have a level of personal trust in us to have these conversations to be willing to give us all the necessary information we need to help our clients achieve their goals. We try to make ourselves as accessible as possible, explain the law in as unintimidating a manner as possible, and get to know our clients on a personal level, in order to cultivate and build a trustworthy attorney-client relationship.

Determining Your Goals

Regardless of the matter, but particularly with estate planning, the most important thing is for us to get a good sense of what your goals are - about what you want to accomplish through our representation. We are here for you, making recommendations based on our understanding of your situation, but ultimately we will do whatever we can to ensure YOUR goals are accomplished as best as possible.

Moving Forward

Although once your matter is complete, and our engagement is terminated, we no longer have a legal or ethical continuing obligation to update clients or continue our representation, we strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients. Whether through periodic check-ins or future representation, our goal is to be your lawyers, for life.

It's About Family - Ours AND Yours

The Boston Daily Globe - February 10, 1951

Quoting PFC John Zuccaro, US Army, Korean War

This article from the Globe is hanging in my office. My grandfather is quoted discussing the attack he was under in Korea resulting in his being shot in the hand. For this wound, he was awarded the Purple Heart.

We understand how important family is. In fact it’s so important that when designing the logo for Zuccaro Law, LLC, Attorney Zuccaro wanted to work family into the design. The “Z” logo has three diagonal lines representing Attorney Zuccaro being a “third.” It is his tribute to his family.

That is why our firm focuses on the practice areas we do. The most important thing is being there for our clients and helping them through both the difficult and exciting times,  and making sure that they can do what they can to help their families even after they are gone. We don’t look at clients as just customers. We want to build long lasting, generational relationships based on trust and respect.